All the wishes in the world – Promoting reading in the classroom

All the wishes in the worldIt was weird:
yesterday I was without reason
suddenly intensely satisfied.

Just like that.
I don’t know how it can be
but I would like it to start again.

Poems for young and old about things big and small, good and hard, crawling, courage, hope, wisdom and more.


You can often find poems by Rian Visser in the magazine POET. of Plinth. Some of the poems in this collection have also been published previously, such as the great poem Essay (think mental arithmetic…), which was published in the beautiful (now out of print) edition Tame the charactersabout low literacy.

In POET. Visser’s poems always stand out for their accessibility, recognizability and, at the same time, refreshing view of the world. Her poems are very understandable for children and this is even more noticeable in this beautiful collection, where you are surprised on every page with a beautiful vision of life.

All the wishes in the worldVisser’s reflections are about feelings of happiness or sadness, but also about observations of the world around him: a grasshopper on the canvas of the tent, the apartment like a big bunk or the hammam, where the women are beautiful and free. She plays beautifully with language, whether with images (fear is like an avalanche) or by a thought (visual language: how do you draw a cough, a sigh or the smell of fresh bread?). With small thought stimuli, Visser makes the reader think or, conversely, evokes recognition.

All the wishes in the world

© 2021 Leopold, illustration by Janneke Ipenburg from All the wishes in the world

Janneke Ipenburg’s colorful designs make this collection even more accessible for kids. They illustrate the poems excellently, but at the same time they tell their own story and sometimes even give the poem extra meaning. It’s a package you can have good conversations about, but kids will also have fun on their own. A beautiful collection of poems for the classroom!

class tips

Rian Visser is a star at writing class letters and she also wrote some great processing assignments with this book!

She not only gives great suggestions for a class discussion, but also ready-made teaching tasks, such as making a leporello, the use of different materials or writing poems. You can tell she has a lot of experience working with children!

The purpose of the lessons: Students play with language, think about the use of words and practice writing poems.

You can download the lesson letter through this link on their website.

How is a book made?

Also interesting is the video that Rian Visser made of the making of the book!

Publisher Leopoldo, 2021

All the wishes in the world

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